Thursday, July 16, 2009


Thanks friends for coming out tonight. Stubbs and I made a batch of twenty eps, last minute. I don't even think it's the final mix, but it was long overdue to give people something. Thanks to you who bought one so that we are able to buy materials to have more for others. In the meantime, help out and burn some...perhaps a song on a sweet-summer-memory mix cd.

Looks like we're heading up north sometime next month. NY, PA, and DC seems to be all I know thus far. We'll be recording amidst the trip. Curtis from Rorschach Records shall be putting a 7" out of new jams, out December. Starting to work on t-shirts and a screen for the ep we handed out today.
If you're curious about track listing:

Field Day - Barbie with Gun Rouge Squadron
3.Eat it Jon eat it
4.Biscuits and Gravy
5.Pork and Beans

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A job well done

We finished recording with Tim of Double O Records. Sounds wonderful. We probably won't have a cd for you Wednesday, however, if you want to listen to it, that can happen. What's even more exciting is that we're recording again in less than a month. I believe we'll be playing a show in New York City as well. Self-management isn't really our strength as a band, so I'm not really able to give any details, since I've not been told any.

Show is this Wednesday @ Nara Sushi. Starts at 10 and we'll probably be first or second so get there on time.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Good news everyone

We're going to have music for you to take home! We'll be recording next week in VA Beach and if we're lucky have some cdr-s to give out by the 15th. That show is with Tiger Jaw, Black Powder, Kite Party, and Snowing @ Nara Sushi. I imagine that show will start promptly since there are a lot of bands.

Then, next month, we'll be recording with Steve Roche (of Off Minor) that will be put out on Rorschach Records. Probably being released at the end of the year but maybe we'll throw a song or two on the cdr-s in the meanwhile.

We're playing the Fest in Florida this Halloween, so the next couple months shall be fun. We need to get some merch going so if you have any art you'd like to submit, that'd be outstanding. Watch out for the Field Day polos.

Happy Independence Day and treat each other well.